Sunday, October 31, 2010

Same Loader New Ttile "AsbestOS Hybrid Loader beta 1.1" Updated Readme

There is a new name AsbestOS Hybrid Loader. two reasons To much other people's code, and it requires both the OPEN SDK and the Leaked SDK to compile all the way. It has been a long 4 days. i been working Hard to clean, fix-up the Makefiles, comment the code.
Just plan make it some what readable by someone else. OK i hate to repeat type every thing so here is the README and links are at the bottom. Hate to ask this.but I am a stay at home dad,not by choice no work in my small town. So if you like it, Use it often, or just want too Please Donate.

AsbestOS Hybrid Loader README

== Introduction Requirements==
This a AsbestOS Linux bootloader that runs off of the PS3 Lv-2 exploit.
It is designed to boot on PS3 systems running System Software version 3.41,
though it could be adapted to earlier versions. Linux runs on the GameOS partition,
thus having the same access to hardware that GameOS has.
This code is experimental and is intended for those who have a 16KB USB dongle
and no possibility to launch asbestOS in other form.
It also requires you to be using Hermes' 4vB payload.
to compile is best to be using linux, as i have not tested on windows

== Building ==

The PS3DEV environment variable needs Setup

$ sudo mkdir /usr/local/ps3dev

Add these to the end of you ~/.bashrc file

export PS3DEV=/usr/local/ps3dev
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/ppu/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/spu/bin

$ cd toolchain && ./ ppu

You also need to setup CELL_SDK environment variable !!!
This build requires Both open adn leaked SDKs!!

With both of those set we can contintue.
Ok in the root of the AsbestOS Hybrid Loader run 'make'
this should compile the
AsbestOS bin,
AsbestOS Hybrid Loader pkg,
dbgcli (debug program for AsbestOS),
tftpgui ( small python app to loader kernal for this pkg Only setups for linux run the exe for windows)

== Usage ==

First compile AsbestOS Hybrid Loader get a compatible USB exploit mechanism.
You should also connect your PS3 and PC to a network not the internet.
(they need to be in the same broadcast domain also)

Do nothing but plug into your router
PC Update: Fixed the Readme
there is where everyone seems to have the trubble.

You will also need to disable NAT on your router(we need our own DHCP server)
OK tftp here we need to setup the tftp server and DHCP server.
really all you need to do is setup your DHCP not sure how to do this easy
but google "DHCP server YOUR_OS" and find the easyest way to setup.
after that you need to go under the tools Dir find tftpgui_1_1 and
read the README for info on how to setup the tftp server
Once configured You now need to open a copy of
dtbimage.ps3.bin (Under PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ if you need a copy )in a HEX
editor. Search for the Text "HEX" just above there is the mount and ip
address you need to change to your servers info your.server.ip:/ps3root
Now you need to setup your NFS share
i have created a easy setup guide for the NFS share.
it will be located under the tools dir called HowToNFS.
if you cant do this becuase your in windows run Virtualbox
with your fav linux. bridge the network cards under VM setup.
and then continue with the Guide.

Transfer the AsbestOSHybridLoader.pkg (that you compiled )
to the root of a thumb drive
At this point if you have compiled you own dtbImage.ps3.bin
(marcan's kernel image source at
and asbestos.bin(Hermes' Version of the stage2 source inculded),
Copy them to the root of you usb thumb drive.

Fire off the exploit device, turn on your PS3 using power followed by eject within 0.2 seconds .

Install the pkg AsbestOSHybribLoader.pkg. OK now find the penguin and run the Program.
First it checks and make sure you exploit payload is compatible with the program Yes (goes) No (quits)
It should now ask you a series of questions.
Do you Want to boot AsbestOS?Yes (goes) No (quits)
Do you Want to load your BINS from the USB?(if you say yes and there are now files defualt will load off HDD)
Do you Want to try Experimental sys8_memcpy replacment? Yes (goes) this replaces sys8_memcpy with a poke loop No (goes) uses sys8_memcpy
Rember that sys8_call is still being used, so you still need hermes 4vb!!(Replace with your own look in main for sys8_call)
Ok the scary part the screen goes for it....If you get anything at all, congratulations, Kernel is running.
At this point, if you have any issues, the problem should be fairly apparent from the messages (Kernel panic NFS not mounted).
If not then there could be a cupple things wrong. There has been reports that there is a issuse with SD tvs.
I can not comfirm because i do not own a tv.I happen to run mine to a Monitor with a HDMI > DVI cable.
There are also been reports of it not working on Phat PS3s. as im not sure about this (one friend told me it worked on his phat),
There could be a posible problem on how you exploit is deliverd to the ps3. I dont know enough quite yet so who knows.
that is why im am releasing this as a beta.

Once the PS3 is up and running and your NFS should now have a Working AsbestOS.
to find out more about AsbestOS got to marcan's blog
You Can Contact me at my blog

And i want to say thanks to Marcan32,KaKaRoToKS,Hermes,ooPo,AerialX,Mathieulh, an who ever i missed.
with out any of yall i wont have been able to do what i do. Thats have fun and use my toys the way i want.


== ToDo ==
spell check every thing (ROFL i cant spell sorry)
write a how to for tftp
remove the need for Only hermes' payload (replace sys8_call )
remove the ned for leaked SDK
Keep up with the latest kernel and patchs.( We will have HDD support soon)

AsbestOS Hybrid Loader

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AsbestOS Loader Update

Ok i have i spent the better part of the day working on Setting up To compile the Asbestos Kernel. It seems that people are having problems with the Ip address. I plan on removing the set address and replacing them with basic address set. (192.168.2.X and so forth) that would be simpler for the basic user. I will be also working on check for syscall8. and remove the need for only Hermes' payload its not quite fair to the rest of y'all. so i get to learn a little more about peek and poke. instead of using Hermes' syscall8. also going to have a default kernel loaded on the hdd and you be able to chose if you want to load from the usb.

For now here are some thing that might help
== Usage ==

First compile AsbestOS and get a compatible USB exploit delivery mechanism. You
should also connect your PS3 and PC to a network (they need to be in the same
broadcast domain) and make sure your PC allows broadcast packets to UDP port
18194. The IP source and destination are both for these packets.

Run tools/dbgcli to get AsbestOS debug output. Fire off the exploit device, turn
on your PS3 using power followed by eject within 0.2 seconds (if required by
your exploit implementation), and cross your fingers. If you get anything at
all, congratulations, stage2 is running. At this point, if you have any issues,
the problem should be fairly apparent from the messages.

If you get nothing, either the packets aren't making it to your PC or stage2 is
failing to start up properly. If your exploit device can show the debug "print"
USB messages, that might help you find out whether stage2 is at least being
loaded properly.

If your PS3 panics (blinking red light) or spontaneously reboots, then something
somewhere probably hit an error condition. The first thing that stage2 does is
inititalize Ethernet debugging, so chances are either that failed, or stage1

Basically, if stuff doesn't work, poke me on IRC ('marcan' on either EFNet or
freenode) and we'll see what we can do.

To get a kernel to load (see below for instructions to build one), you need to
have a DHCP server on your network. It needs to be configured to feed a boot
server and filename to the PS3. The boot server should point to a machine
running a TFTP server that can serve the specified file, which should be the
kernel image. For example, on an OpenWRT Kamikaze router, put something like
this on your /etc/config/dhcp:

config host
option name ps3
option mac 00:1f:a7:aa:bb:cc
option ip
option networkid ps3

config boot
option networkid ps3
option filename dtbImage.ps3.bin
option servername foobar
option serveraddress

Where is the IP that you want your PS3 to get and is
the IP of the TFTP server. The server name doesn't really matter, but it's a
good idea to set it to the hostname of the TFTP server. Don't forget to specify
the MAC address of your PS3 correctly.
== Kernel ==

Standard ps3-linux.git kernels should work. However, you should reduce the
allocation size for the framebuffer to 2MB or so (and use a small modde, like

If you want early debugging via dbgcli from the kernel, check out the patches
at: . There's also a useful .config

To build the kernel, use 'make dtbImage.ps3'. The binary that you need to use
in your TFTP server is at arch/powerpc/boot/dtbImage.ps3.bin

To specify commandline arguments, edit arch/powerpc/boot/dts/ps3.dts like this:

chosen {
bootargs = "your boot arguments here";

For example, I use the following:

udbg-immortal video=ps3fb:mode:2 root=/dev/nfs rw
nfsroot= ip=dhcp init=/linuxrc

Yes, this is ugly and will change once AsbestOS gains devicetree support.

== Linux environment ==

The GameOS environment is essentially the same as the OtherOS environment, as
they are just different LPAR configurations on the same hypervisor. The
following differences are known to exist:

- Boot memory is 16MB instead of 128MB. This restricts the size of the Linux
kernel (and any initrd) and causes issues with the allocation for the shadow
framebuffer. For now, you need to reduce the framebuffer allocation size. This
will be fixed in the future. One possibility to bypass this is to make
AsbestOS responsible for allocating the rest of RAM, and make Linux use it as
soon as possible (currently, the remaining RAM is added halfway through kernel
startup). Also, as a consequence of the 16MB initial size of RAM, the kernel
uses a silly value for the maximum number of threads. Use a wrapper script
around /sbin/init and poke /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max to work around the
issue. You might also need to run 'ulimit -u unlimited'.

- 3D support is obviously available, but its use is unknown. For all we know 3D
support might actually exist in OtherOS mode too, but it definitely must exist
under GameOS for obvious reasons.

- Flash and HDD access limitations are different. Currently, Linux seems unable
to access these devices out of the box. Investigation needed.

- Linux gets access to an additional SPE, so you get 7 instead of 6.

>>>AsbestOS README
I hope this helps with the people that think its broken, just becuase it panics with no NFS share running.

when you see this screen my App has worked just now the other half of AsbestOS needs to be setup. Just Follow AsbestOS Readme and it should help. anyways next update should be a release.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AsbestOS Loader

OK im back again with one of my simmple apps. Im lazy and i like one button sulutions. i have created a new loader basede on hermes loader. its does every almost the same but you dont have to go through the extra step of putting the bins on the usb and opening any Game Manger.
i also added a check to make sure you are running a payload that will work.
and want to say sorry now to the ps3hax guys that made the image i used as a icon again i am lazy.

And please rember this is still a beta.
AsbestOS Loader
i will be releasing the code shortly as right now i need more time to clean it up.


Update: Please use Hermes' payload or it wont work.
And if you have a error let leave a message on the blog,
how far did it get and when it froze
and rember its a beta

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ok i given up on the RockUrJig project seems Other people where better suited for the own version (that works might i add) But recently i have started a new project I am calling it DVD ENABLER.
this will let you play Decrypted VOB files. Its simple and straight to the point, and easily able to reset the DVD drive.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1) You will need to dump your VOB files .
(I am working on Ubuntu with libdvdcss + vobcopy)
in ubuntu you will need to do the run the following commands
$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
$ sudo apt-get install vobcopy

2) Now with vobcopy installed run this command
$ vobcopy ~/Videos/XXX/
replace XXX with the movies name.
3) Now you need to FTP those VOB files to
replace XXX with the movies name.

for example Hitman unrated looks like this

4)Now Install the DVD ENABLER package...(you should know how)

5)Now insert any DVD

5)Ok now run the the DVD ENABLER. it will ask you

Do you want to Enable the DVD ENABLER

Yes will enable it and No will disable it.
Running the program again and saying no will reset it.

6)Now under Videos you should see a data disc.
select the data disc and you movies folders should show up.
Navigate to the movie folder you want to play and play the first VOB file.

Later Versions I will try to impalement a Built in Copier and Manger.

Word of Warning This is For personal Backup only.
Ok i hope everyone enjoys this one. I know i will My Son destroys DVDs left and right.

And if you like it and use it on a reg bases drop me donation. every little bit helps

Download:DVDENABLER.pkg Requires 3.41 and PL3 Payload
Here this the source code for the BETA