Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AsbestOS Loader

OK im back again with one of my simmple apps. Im lazy and i like one button sulutions. i have created a new loader basede on hermes loader. its does every almost the same but you dont have to go through the extra step of putting the bins on the usb and opening any Game Manger.
i also added a check to make sure you are running a payload that will work.
and want to say sorry now to the ps3hax guys that made the image i used as a icon again i am lazy.

And please rember this is still a beta.
AsbestOS Loader
i will be releasing the code shortly as right now i need more time to clean it up.


Update: Please use Hermes' payload or it wont work.
And if you have a error let leave a message on the blog,
how far did it get and when it froze
and rember its a beta


  1. I got this far and got errors:

  2. Why depend on hermes's syscall 8 when you can use the more universally available poke? Just do a loop and poke the data.

  3. Yes the app has work now look up how to setup the rest for AsbestOS. and for now AsbestOS looks for ip number for some reason. so remember that

  4. freeze after asking if i want to run asbestos

    ps3 phat 3.41 not non-backcompatible hermes v4 teensy++
    the open manager way works for me no problem though

  5. So, i played a little bit around with the asbestos loader.
    I have a Fat 40 GB.
    The Kernel seems to boot every time, sometimes(very often) I got black screen. The Kernel gets an IP Adress and I can ping the ps3.
    To boot a System over NFS doesnt work for me.

    When the Kernel would mount the nfsroot i got a kernel panic, maybe a problem with the FAT memory allocation?

    I found out a little workaround for the black screen. Just use a Scart or RGB Cable and a HDMI Cable on your TV or Monitor.
    Set the RGB Output as default and run in 480p mode. when starting asbestos loader the screen goes black. Now switch to the hdmi port of your tv and you can see your kernel output.
    Maybe onother ps3 framebuffer will fix this problem? I didn´t tried it yet.
    I used the hermes v4b.

    Greetings from and thanks to the hard work.

  6. hello,
    i have a ps3 with dead/wrong bd-rom board. so it does not start any homebrew - only black screen. will it be possible to load asbestos and then homebrew?

  7. OK sorry to here about that. this is only to load Linux over a network. If you have problems with figuring out the JB device and stuff goto just do me a favor READ the fourms they help.

    Richard thanks
    it seems that the frame buffer he chose in the kernel was the one for the hdmi, not the RGB. but i use a HDMI > DVI. gives me 1080p where for some reason my tv will only goto 720p.

    And the reason the Screen goes Black is, I unload the system modules for the filesystem,video,IO so there is nothing trying to run beside what i call. dont know if thats the best way but is working. i might even not have to. dont know only my second ps3 app

  8. A ver si por aqui me contestas xd, podrias poner un tuto en condiciones. Monto el tftp .. todo , ip cambiadas y la ps3 se queda en negro ...

  9. OK sorry this is a trans by google. i understand you had a problem? i need little more info is it failing at a NFS panic or just black screen?Do you have a Fat or slim model?Did you Follow the AsbestOS readme?What Firmware? There will be a new Release Soon.


  10. Aceptar lo siento esto es un trans por google. Tengo entendido que había un problema? Necesito poco más de información es que no en el pánico NFS o simplemente la pantalla en negro? ¿Tiene un modelo de grasa o delgada? ¿Ha seguido el readme asbesto? ¿Qué firmware? Habrá una nueva versión pronto.


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