Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RockUrJIG Bootloader

Ok yall i got some vids for you from k3rizz3k at ps3hax.
as i dont have the ability to get pics and vid he has donated this one for us.

the vid shows the sansa clip begin boot up and waiting for the PS3 to respond.

here is a another one

When i get more vids or pics i will let yall know.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RockUrJIG Glitch *FIXED*

Ok i have fixed the glitch. everything is back to normal now.
i also add a few more functions

This enables and disables the jig with true or false
This one checks the status and returns true or false
This one is called from the boot-loader to enable the
jig and also to check for connection of the usb

My code now starts with one call.

if(btn & BUTTON_SELECT && usb_detect() != USB_INSERTED)

Witch Allows us to boot into the exploit while the PS3 is off,
and wait for a usb connection. Another thing this allowed me to
keep rockboxs Boot-loader USB MODE for recovery.
So now for recovery mode
Hold the center button and plugin the usb cable and turn on.
To boot RockUrJIG
Hold the center and turn on without the usb-cable plugged in.
OK have fun folks!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

RockUrJIG Glitch

OK the new boot-loader has a small glitch. for some reason it does not want to give control back to the usbstack. so for the time being use the OF boot-mode to boot into the OF. then make sure you are in MSC usb mode. then transfer tell your heart is content.
you will need to do this if you want to restore your device or tranfer music.

i will get right on that glitch ASAP.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

RockUrJIG Bootloader

Bootloader POC
Ok i have completed the bootloader part of the project.
For now the only one is the Sansa Clipv1. Later versions
will included in the common.h of the bootloader source.
i am uploading the zip and bin file needed.
Download From Here

PLease Read the README !!!

* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
*Flashing your hardware will in fact VIOD YOUR WARRANTY all risk are the owners!!!

I want to thank shuffle2 from #rockbox irc channel for the patch,
and all the hard workers, working on the rockboxfirmware.
thanks a mill

Ok check few things first
1)Under settings menu under usb mode select MSC
2)again under settings menu goto to system info, version MUST SAY 1.1.18A
3)BACKUP EVERYTHING as this will install rockbox and wipe you mp3 player clean
Ok this couldnt be much more simpler.
1)Plug in your Sansa Clipv1
2)Download m300a.bin and
3)Unpack to the root drive of the CLip
4)Copy m300a.bin to the root drive of the CLip
5)Unplug your Clip it should then say (Firmware Upgraded in Progress) when its done it will say (Upgrade complete) and SHUTOFF
6)Ready to Use!!!

Using RockUrJIG POC
OK now you have installed RockUrJIG!! YAY!!
first you have a fully functioning MP3 player With Rockbox.
You can find all that info at I will also include the manual.
Second you have a ps3 exploit (not working at the moment just bootloader).

To Boot the OF
hold the |<< button and turn on

To Boot Rockbox
Turn on as you would normally

To Boot RockUrJIG
Hold the Center Button and turn on

When you boot up into RockUrJIG
1) Checks For usb Connection and Displays (Checking for PS3)
2)when usb is found, it then Starts the exploit code.
3)It will display exploit states

for now though the exploit code is NULL for the simple fact its not done.
i still working on it, but in the process i had to write this bootloader patch.
but as for the exploit some functions tend to crash the system,
so until then here is a nice bootloader.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome, are you ready to RockUrJIG. are you broke or did you miss out on ordering a clone, or dev board. well my solution might be for you! Everyone owns some sort of old mp3 player right? Well the wonderful group of people have made a opensource firmware called RockBox. At this moment I am working on porting the PS3groove exploit over to the firmware. The hard part so far is that i am trying to porting it to multiple chip-sets at once. Once done all the way we should have exploit for a bunch of different mp3 players.

The plan I am shooting for is this
1)Is for Easy flashing using the Rockulity provided by RockBox.
2)A Simple program that is ran (while still retaining Mp3 player usability)
3) Interchangeable Payloads so when updated payloads come out they can be replaced
4)Last but least Opensource all this work will posted and source code given freely

But Ok my email has slammed for days with people asking if im done. well sorry folks im not done but im a lot closer, and i do not know if your mp3 player will work. but what i do know is that im relesing all the code i have soon for the simple fact i think im stuck. i was donated a some NONworking POC code that im trying to clean up a bit(mostly clean code but rearranging it a bit).
Problems im having is converting one chips function into another chips. other then that i belive it will be done soon.

But hopefully with the resources of the Opensource Community. the project will become complete. and we will finally have a exploit that does not cost a fortune. As soon as i have a git-hub up i will posting the site and what still needs to be completed. Well good luck and happy coding

I have start the git-hub for the project it can be found at
As of now there it is only a stock firmware with a NON working POC patched in by hand.
Alrighty then im back to work on the project Hope y'all can help

Oh one more thing i want to thanks shuffle2 from ROCKBOX irc and all the hard workers, making the firmware possible
Thanks a Mill

LOL i bricked my sansaclipv1 easy fix.
im changing the to version 28092 of the firmware.
mean more hand patching but it is more stable on my player

Oh if you want follow me on twitter or just send me a message .