Thursday, November 11, 2010

MrGatz85 & Cael's Open AsbestOS Loader

Ok after many days of hard work and get help from every where. The new Loader is out of Beta.
Has a new Name again, sorry. This time it does not require Hermes' Payload at all, you can still use it. You do require peek/poke in your payload though. And is Now $ony Free, thats right folks no more $ony SDK. it runs on PSL1GHT and ps3chain.

For some reason it does not work with Fat PS3s. i think its due that we are still on the old kernel. i will working hard to get it working with the new kernel asap. you are also required to be on firmware 3.41. other then that here is the README and link at the Bottom

To all that have donated thanks you have help me start to get my teeth fixed. i go back in two weeks for the doctors to look again. its free but the doctor is two hours away. so with funds tight, your donations help pay for gas and such. Thank yall from bottom of my heart.

And i also want to say thanks to Ceal for testing the shit out of this as fast i could pop out a new prototype she was there to test. thanks
here is the README

AsbestOS Open Loader README

== Introduction Requirements==
This a AsbestOS Linux bootloader that runs off of the PS3 Lv-2 exploit.
It is designed to boot on PS3 systems running System Software version 3.41,
though it could be adapted to earlier versions. Linux runs on the GameOS partition,
thus having the same access to hardware that GameOS has.
This code is experimental and is intended for those who have a 16KB USB dongle
and no possibility to launch asbestOS in other form.
does not require you to be using Hermes' 4vB payload!!!!
*It also requires you to be using Hermes' 4vB payload
this is a typeo fixed here in the readme to lazy to uploadagain
to compile is best to be using linux, as i have not tested on windows

== Building ==

The PS3DEV environment variable needs Setup

$ mkdir ~/ps3dev // I Find in my user drive i have no permison problems
$ mkdir ~/ps3dev
Add these to the end of you ~/.bashrc file

export PS3DEV=~/ps3dev
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/ppu/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/spu/bin
export PSL1GHT=~/pslight

$ git clone git:// ~/ps3chain

$ git clone git:// ~/PSl1GHT

Then Read the readme under both those drives and compile how they lay out.
rember we have already set the PS3DEV and PSL1GHT vars

== Usage ==

First compile AsbestOS Loader get a compatible USB exploit mechanism.
You should also connect your PS3 and PC to a network not the internet.
(they need to be in the same broadcast domain also)

Do nothing but plug into your router
there is where everyone seems to have the trubble.
i have created a easy setup guide for the NFS share.
Read HowToNFS.
if you cant do this becuase your in windows run Virtualbox
with your fav linux. bridge the network cards under VM setup.
and then continue with the Guide.

Transfer the AsbestOSHybridLoader.pkg (that you compiled )
to the root of a thumb drive
At this point if you have edit you own dtbImage.ps3.bin
(marcan's kernel image included under xdata)
Copy them to the root of you usb thumb drive.

Fire off the exploit device, turn on your PS3 using power followed by eject within 0.2 seconds .

Install the pkg AsbestOSHybribLoader.pkg.
OK now find the penguin and run the Program.
Ok the scary part the screen goes for it....If you get anything at all, congratulations, Kernel is running.
At this point, if you have any issues, the problem should be fairly apparent from the messages (Kernel panic NFS not mounted).
If not then there could be a cupple things wrong. There has been reports that there is a issuse with SD tvs.
I can not comfirm because i do not own a tv.I happen to run mine to a Monitor with a HDMI > DVI cable.
There are also been reports of it not working on Phat PS3s. as im not sure about this (one friend told me it worked on his phat),

Once the PS3 is up and running and your NFS should now have a Working AsbestOS.
to find out more about AsbestOS got to marcan's blog
You Can Contact me at my blog

And i want to say thanks to Ceal,Marcan32,KaKaRoToKS,Hermes,ooPo,AerialX,Mathieulh,Aaron (the guy who started PSL1GHT)
and who ever i missed. with out any of yall i wont have been able to do what i do.
Thats have fun and use my toys the way i want


== ToDo ==
spell check every thing (ROFL i cant spell sorry)
Keep up with the latest kernel and patchs.( We will have HDD support soon)

MrGatz85 & Cael's Open AsbestOS Loader

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