Monday, April 4, 2011

Setting this straight!!

Ok i hate repeating my self so here is the post on my twitter

@everybody i wanted to let every one know what ever donations i get if i do i'm sending half graf's way for lawyer support. as i'm not doing this for money i just can't afford a server,

this what i have to say to the noob that flamed me a three page email calling me a all sorts of names

for all i care you can F&#* yourself, devs do this shit on there own time and dime. in not my fault i don't have the funds to do my extra stuff i like to give free to the public, i'm a stay at home dad, all the money my wife makes barely pays the bills and i have a mouth full of rotten teeth(genetics before you call me a drugy) that is killing me 24/7 i can't afford to fix. but i'm willing ask for donations to setup server to help my fellow ps3 users have a easier time setting up linux. that makes me selfish that makes me a leach for money? buddy you need to grow up, and ask why before you blame, and if you can do better f*^&ing;do it. don't harp on the people who have almost nothing, but give want they do have freely to the world.

@everyone sorry i had to get that out


my progress with the new kernel is comming along good, one snag graf's new config files seems to point it to the vflash only and i have to hunt down what changed in his configs. but that also mean i will be make two diffrent flavors from now on.
1: External root files system kernel
2: vflash file system kernel

The apt-repo is almost done i'm setting it up for now on one of my home servers.
once i get the two diffrent versions workin.
i will then be hosting the deb files from now on in the apt-repo.
i will also b e shooting for a day or less wait for the newest kernel as graf pumps.

Again thanks for the people that are supporting Linux on the ps3.
and again any donations for the server will be halfed for graf's donations.
and if you have a linux server we are able use for the hosting with high band-width
drop me a line. as i'm not here for money just Fun !!!

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