Monday, August 23, 2010

SCSDK (Self Contained Software Development Kit)

Yes every one would love there ISOs and everyone wants a emulator.

but come to think of it i would love for a team to get behind a good SDK for the home-brew. something with easy access to programing objects for both the CPUs and Graphics GPU. Yeah something to bring any old programmer up to par with the rest people. a simplified and generic SDK. i know every one is going to yell foul. but think of it most software dev Enviroments u don't have to work hard at making the prorgram to work, (well not as hard as in with just a text pad and BIN utils) Maybe even make it to run on the console itself.

There u go call it SCSDK(Self Contained Software Development Kit). give to averg joe access to the real power of the PS3 and the real home-brew software will be a endless stream. there will be pirates and there will be the others, the other people are who is going to make the difference. from paint to Cloud computing the will make it all if given the chance.

so a call to all homebrew devs your stuff is all fine and dandy but really we need a standard a baseline. a new generation that has the ability to over look money and fame and start a new Open source for the PS3. becuase if we make it happen and we are succesful maybe then and only then will sony understand that we love to game but we love are freedom to chose to make or break are games. and maybe just maybe when the PS4 does or ever comes out in my life time it will really "Do Everything"

so the call goes out, SCSDK. will you make it happen or will you sit back and wait for the next ISO loader so you can steal games from the real programmers. help create a empire of open source that sony has never imaged, help build a world where we our free to do as we please with our own hardware, where to possibility's are endless and beyond or wildest dreams.

So Will You Do Your Part??

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