Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome, are you ready to RockUrJIG. are you broke or did you miss out on ordering a clone, or dev board. well my solution might be for you! Everyone owns some sort of old mp3 player right? Well the wonderful group of people have made a opensource firmware called RockBox. At this moment I am working on porting the PS3groove exploit over to the firmware. The hard part so far is that i am trying to porting it to multiple chip-sets at once. Once done all the way we should have exploit for a bunch of different mp3 players.

The plan I am shooting for is this
1)Is for Easy flashing using the Rockulity provided by RockBox.
2)A Simple program that is ran (while still retaining Mp3 player usability)
3) Interchangeable Payloads so when updated payloads come out they can be replaced
4)Last but least Opensource all this work will posted and source code given freely

But Ok my email has slammed for days with people asking if im done. well sorry folks im not done but im a lot closer, and i do not know if your mp3 player will work. but what i do know is that im relesing all the code i have soon for the simple fact i think im stuck. i was donated a some NONworking POC code that im trying to clean up a bit(mostly clean code but rearranging it a bit).
Problems im having is converting one chips function into another chips. other then that i belive it will be done soon.

But hopefully with the resources of the Opensource Community. the project will become complete. and we will finally have a exploit that does not cost a fortune. As soon as i have a git-hub up i will posting the site and what still needs to be completed. Well good luck and happy coding

I have start the git-hub for the project it can be found at
As of now there it is only a stock firmware with a NON working POC patched in by hand.
Alrighty then im back to work on the project Hope y'all can help

Oh one more thing i want to thanks shuffle2 from ROCKBOX irc and all the hard workers, making the firmware possible
Thanks a Mill

LOL i bricked my sansaclipv1 easy fix.
im changing the to version 28092 of the firmware.
mean more hand patching but it is more stable on my player

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