Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RockUrJIG Glitch *FIXED*

Ok i have fixed the glitch. everything is back to normal now.
i also add a few more functions

This enables and disables the jig with true or false
This one checks the status and returns true or false
This one is called from the boot-loader to enable the
jig and also to check for connection of the usb

My code now starts with one call.

if(btn & BUTTON_SELECT && usb_detect() != USB_INSERTED)

Witch Allows us to boot into the exploit while the PS3 is off,
and wait for a usb connection. Another thing this allowed me to
keep rockboxs Boot-loader USB MODE for recovery.
So now for recovery mode
Hold the center button and plugin the usb cable and turn on.
To boot RockUrJIG
Hold the center and turn on without the usb-cable plugged in.
OK have fun folks!!


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